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Where We've Been

Paris Open Source Summit

16-17/11/2016, Paris: Paris Open Source Summit (in French).
Cédric Thomas and Armony Altinier co-ordinated the accessibility track: “Les technologies et les bonnes pratiques de l'open source pour favoriser l'accessibilité”, on 17 November, from 11 a.m. till 12.30. On 18 November, Armony Altinier also led an AccessCamp together with Stéphane Deschamps from the Open Source Accessibility initiative (OSAi) of OW2 software community.
See also Accessibilité au Paris Open Source Summit le 17 novembre, et AccessCamp le 18 novembre 2016 on Armony Altinier's blog.


30-31/01/2016, Brussels: FOSDEM 2016 website.
Freedom #0 gave two presentations and a lightning talk:

See also past events and upcoming events in the wiki (in French).

Free and Accessible Software for All

Digital technology surrounds us everywhere: we use it to communicate, to find information, for education, for work, for shopping and for entertainment. Yet, digital technology presents great opportunities for people for whom the physical world may present obstacles and disability situations.

However, digital technology can only deliver its promise of Freedom, it needs to be accessible and to respect users' rights to access, modify and share it.

Liberté 0 (Freedom #0) is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote an inclusive view of free software, in which freedom and accessibility go hand in hand to create real Freedom and equal access to this freedom for everybody.

How to Contribute

Get Involved: the Mailing Lists

We communicate mainly through mailing lists. We have a French mailing list at, and a "technical" English mailing list at

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Working Space: The Wiki

In order to work on our projects we use a wiki located at

We use this working space to propose new projects, to follow up on running projects and to create new content.

Come and have a look at the projects we are working on!

Live Chat: IRC

We use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for live discussions. IRC is especially useful for situations where e-mail is too slow.

Our IRC channel is hosted by Freenode and can be reached at #liberte0.

In order to connect to our channel, you can either use an IRC client or use Freenode's webchat. However, the webchat is not accessible.